Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mortal Crossfit

So, I joined this box.  I didn't really know what to expect.  I've been CFing in my garage box for the better part of the past three years now.  Most of it has been off and on.  Especially throughout PA school.  Prior to PA school, it was game on though- you'll notice on the blog that there is a significant lapse between 2010-2012.

I met with the owner, a really nice guy and he showed me around.  It was exactly what I expected.  Horsestall mats, old bars, that smell of sweat mixed with cleaner mixed with metal.  Most of all what stood out were the flags at the end of the box.  It's one thing that I certainly appreciate about CF boxes.  American flag and the service flags- you can feel the patriotism in a box.  It was awesome.  Absolutely awesome.  The people there are great too.  They're not angry 20-30 something year olds with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove (most of my patients and peers).  They're normal everyday people that love fitness and want to get better at life, they want to get better at everything.

I've been completing most of the WODs there as rx.  But, I have certainly noticed that I'm not as conditioned as I once was.  In fact, I'm terribly deconditioned.  My times are off and I've got to dial my diet back in. I've been dieting with limited success.  I'm definitely feeling leaner, but I'm not dropping the weight like I'd like to.  Unfortunately that's a problem for body types like mine- Mesomorphs.  Mesomorphs are notorious for getting into or getting back into shape relatively quickly, but we also put on fat easily and have to really pay attention to the diet.  My approach recently has been just cutting junk out, and I've started juicing.  I really like this mean green recipe I got and don't feel any lethargy at all.  Generally speaking, I've been doing a mean green and protein shake (each) about three times per day and having a sensible meal in the evenings.  It's also convenient for my patient load.  Mornings are crazy and I usually don't get a chance to breathe until noon (I usually get to clinic around 0600).

I've registered for the Crossfit mobility and movement certification.  Looking forward to the certification and a bit curious about how it will go given my recent education in medicine.  The course is designed to address mobility constraints for crossfitters and, I suspect, people off the street.  It's taught by Dr. Kelly Starrett of CF famedom.  His website is here.  What I hope to gain from the course is his approach to athletes (people, in general) with mobility limitations secondary to a sedentary lifestyle or previous injuries.  I'll blog about how it goes.

Workouts this past week have been awesome.  No PRs and nothing crazy.  I will say that my experience at the box has been nothing short of amazing.  Everyone there is so happy and willing to help.  Everyone cheers the next person on and motivates them.  I love that.  It's inspiring to see in action.  It's also quite humbling.

It's good to know that good people are still out there.

Till next time... 3. 2. 1. Go!


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  2. Milady... sorry it's been so long for me to respond. Feel free to e-mail me.