Monday, December 31, 2012

Joining a box

I'm going to workout at Mortal Crossfit in Georgetown today.  It's only open gym, but I'm pretty excited.  There's something archaic about the feel of a box.  There is rarely anything shiny around, there's a light coat of chalk on just about everything, and the temperature in the gym is usually within five degrees of the temperature outside.  It just feels like working out should be.  I don't have anything against shiny new equipment, or air conditioning/ heating.... I just like the feel of real.  You know what I mean?

Today I'm going to focus on drilling my clean and jerks, split jerks, and then work on overhead balance with snatches.  My worst lift is definitely the snatch.  It requires so much of the body- balance, shoulder stability, midline stability, and posterior chain strength.  During my open gym sessions, I'm going to focus on Olympic lifts and Gymnastics.  Handstands are getting better because I'm drilling them with my daughter, who's in cheer.

In other news, I'm situated as a PA and school is finally over.  You'll notice that I've had about a two year hiatus from posting anything.  During that time, I spent time doing a lot of short METCONS and occasional heavy lifting- squats, front squats, deadlifts.  The rest of the time was spent walking or jogging at a very slow pace on a treadmill while I read various medical texts.  I had to do what I needed to do stay in shape and make it through school.  So, over the last two years, my conditioning has decreased, and my strength has decreased.  It's my goal to return to my previous shape in the next 4-6 months.

I'll be running a marathon in February.  It's the live strong marathon.  It's a box-check thing.  I absolutely despise the long run days, but I've been using crossfit endurance to get me ready.  I'm a little leary of the programming because the "long run" days never exceed half marathon distance.  We'll see. To help out with nutrition, I've been pounding down an extra 40 grams of whey protein per day and I've increased my fish oil intake to another three pills per day.  I've noticed I'm less sore now that I've done this.  Not sure if that's a diet thing or if it's a conditioning thing.

Take care and happy exercising everyone!

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  1. Did a fast METCON off the CFE website-
    15-12-9 of deadlifts and ring push ups (225#)
    Time: 2:38